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Securing The Internet of Things

Transforming IoT Security

In today’s interconnected world with explosive IoT growth, security is the #1 challenge to make Internet of Everything a reality.
WootCloud secures the Internet of Things.

Unparalleled visibility into devices

Provides deep insight into your shadow IoT and their interaction.

Analytics 360

Advanced analytics and deep learning to derive unique insights into shadow IoT

Advanced Threat Protection

Actionable automated insights which identify insider and outsider threats/attacks

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Protection starts much before an attack by identifying and controlling risks via easy to understand scoring system

Explosive IoT growth brings New Security Challenges

In today’s interconnected and digital world, cyber attacks constitute one of the most dangerous threats to National Security, Economy, and Healthcare. A new wave of proliferation of mobile devices and the explosive growth of IoT devices connected to the network is becoming a new reality, and this alarmingly compounds the existing cyber security problem. This new reality is seen from the factory floor to healthcare industry, from oil and natural gas industry to warehousing, enterprise and homes.

50 billion connected devices by 2020


$117 billion in IoT investments in HealthCare sector by 2020


$225 billion in IoT investments in Enterprise sector by 2020

(Business Insider)

80+% of devices have vulnerabilities


Limited compute, memory, and bandwidth. Hard to embed security solution

Heavily interconnected across LAN, WAN, PAN and peer to peer. Increased attack vectors

WootCloud Secures Your 'At Risk' Devices

Discover, Analyze , Protect & Secure your devices in realtime.
Wootcloud’s intuitive workflow guides you to:


Get unparalleled visibility into your Shadow IoT devices


Effortlessly analyze and inspect shadow IoT traffic for malware.


Powerful policy engine and rule enforcement.


Powerful threat Modelling which offers a unique insight into threats your organization faces from shadow IoT. Simple actionable risk scores.